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All our nuts have a single point of origin - Russia. They were gathered in the harsh undisturbed wild taiga forests of Siberia, which have grown in the clean air and spring water of the unique Siberian geography and climate. 

Over the 20 different species of pine trees in the world, the pine nuts from the Siberian cedar tree are considered as the most nutritious.

Furthermore, our family run business only sells fresh pine nuts. Free from the "processing" that can be often found in pine nuts sourced elsewhere. For more information about this please follow this:

Who we are

Pine Nutty is a family business devoted to bringing the highest quality pine nuts from rural Russia to the UK market. Inspired by family travels where we discovered this fantastic variety of pine nut, we are now excited to share this healthy, nutty and truly tasty snack in the manner than nature intended

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The waving of a pine tree on the top of a mountain - a magic wand in Nature's hand...

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